Wire Mesh Belt Machines

Vogel & Schemmann

Top and Bottom Blast Coverage in One Pass

Vogel & Schemmann designs, manufactures and sells Wire Mesh Belt Machines for those customers who want a versatile machine that can accept flat, thin-walled and fragile iron or aluminium alloy castings, which require a smooth and shockless passage through the machine. These same customers also put a premium on efficiency and want their blast equipment to process two sides of a part in one pass. For these customers, the Vogel & Schemmann Wire Mesh Belt Machine makes the most sense as the blast chamber is bombarded with shot stemming from wheels situated both above and below the part as it passes through. The result is thorough blast coverage with a relatively quick processing time. Due to the position of blast wheels, bending of thin-walled parts and tilting of small light parts is avoided.

Typical Uses for Wire Mesh Belt Machines Include:
  • Blasting of flat, thin-walled and fragile iron or aluminum alloy castings
  • Smooth and shockless passage of the parts through the machine
  • Simultaneous abrasive impingement from above and below to prevent deformation of parts
  • Smooth process flow
  • Reduction of operating costs by integration of blasting process into automatic production lines
For more information about V+S Wire Mesh Belt Machines Type WM, or any of our other equipment, we invite you to contact us.

Wire Mesh - Type WM (English)
Wire Mesh - Type WM (German)

Wire Mesh Belt Machine Video:

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