Wire Mesh Belt Machines

Pangborn Wire Mesh BeltPangborn® Rotoblast® Wire Mesh Belt Systems provide high volume, cost effective performance for all metal processing requirements. They will handle large die castings, automotive wheels, ferrous and non-ferrous castings, weldments, fabrications and more. Wire mesh belt systems are also designed to handle the high temperatures of parts that have been heat treated.

Models ES-2019-2, ES-1990-5, and ES-1847-47

These models are used for descaling operations. The number of wheels and sizes available range from four 13" to eight 26.5" designs depending on the product to be cleaned. Other wheel options are also available.

Models ES-2022, ES-2022-1 and ES-1993

These wire mesh belt designs are used in foundry applications. The ES-1993 can clean parts that are 40" wide and two feet high, by using eight 15" wheels.

Wire Mesh Belt Machine Spec Sheet
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