Table Blast Machines

Vogel & Schemmann

For Blast Cleaning Different Parts in Small or Medium Quantities

The design and function of V+S Rotary Table Shotblasting Machines has been developed over many decades, and are probably the most frequently supplied type of machine. They are used in foundries for cleaning and descaling of medium-sized up to large castings, in heat treatment plants for the descaling of gear wheels, shafts, cylinders and similar parts, in forging, car-und steel construction factories for descaling and cleaning axles, shafts etc., in enameling plants for descaling and providing a proper key for the adhesion of paint, plastic coatings etc. They are very versatile machines, which seamlessly fit into production operations.

On the larger machines the rotary table has a section outside the blasting cabinet which allows the parts to be loaded, unloaded or tuned during operation.

Typical Table Blast Machine uses include:
  • Diecast or Forged Parts
  • High value or Fragile Parts
  • Deflashing
  • Descaling
  • Profiling
  • Surface Finishing
For more information about the entire line of Vogel & Schemmann Table Machines, or any of our other equipment, we invite you to contact us.
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