Table Blast Machines


Table Blast Machines

Models LN, LK, LT, and LG

Pangborn® Rotoblast® Tables are table blast machines designed and built as fully integrated blast cleaning systems to handle larger and/or more fragile castings than barrel machines. They provide a cost effective solution for batch cleaning, deburring, descaling, decoring and peening a wide variety of products including:
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous castings
  • Heat treated forgings
  • Small Automotive Parts
  • Die castings... and much more
Superior design, quality and rugged construction make the Pangborn Rotoblast Tables more reliable and easier to maintain than other machines. Pangborn offers a variety of different machines, designed for your specific needs.

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Model LN:

Table attached to the door, or two tables attached to two doors. The LN model is supplied with 4, 6, or 8 foot diameter tables.

Model LK:

Table attached to the cabinet. The LK model is supplied with 4 foot to 12 foot diameter tables.

Model LG:

Rotating table attached to the inside of the cabinet. The multi-positioned work station design provides unloading in one location while cleaning is taking place in another.

Model LT:

Multiple tables inside the cabinet. The multiple table is designed with table speeds that range from 60 to 180 work tables per hour. The main table drive assembly is easily disengaged when maintenance is required.

Rotoblast Tables Spec Sheet

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