Table Blast Machines

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For Blast Cleaning Deep, Fragile Parts

Pangborn Europe Table Blast Machines are ideally suited for those parts (cast or forged) that contain deep pockets or for the processing of fragile and/or high value parts. Because the parts are loaded on a table or on satellites fixed to a table prior to entering the blast chamber, there is no movement between the parts and therefore part on part contact is eliminated. In addition, several parts can be blasted or cleaned simultaneously thereby making Pangborn Europe Table Blast Machines a good choice for cleaning a number of parts together. Pangborn Europe Table Machines come in a number of sizes and configurations depending on the customer's needs. The customization of Pangborn Europe's standard line generated several specific solutions ranging from simple table machines to table machines with multiple satellite arrangement for application in foundries, forges, automotive and heat treatment industries, etc.

Typical Table Blast Machine Uses Include:
  • Deflashing
  • Descaling
  • Profiling
  • Surface Finishing
Talk to one of our blast specialists with your specific requirements and allow us to put our knowledge to work for you and recommend the right blast system for your needs.
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