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Plate and Rolled Structural Shapes Cleaning

Because several plate and structural shapes are typically extremely heavy and large, a roller conveyor machine is usually the only method to safely and thoroughly clean these types of parts. Pangborn Europe is known globally as one of the best suppliers of these types of machines and employs the latest technology the blast cleaning has to offer in each piece of equipment we sell. Like any other piece of equipment we offer, we engineer and manufacture both a standard line as well as customized equipment thereby ensuring the customer ends up with a piece of equipment that will perfectly fit their facility and blasting requirements.

Roller Conveyor Typical Applications:
  • Structural Steel
  • Mill Scale Removal
  • Profiling
  • Paint Preparation
For more information about the entire line of Pangborn Europe Roller Conveyor Machines, or any of our other equipment, we invite you to contact our sales department.
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