Monorail Conveyors

The use of a Pangborn® Rotoblast® descaling system is a cost-effective means of reducing today's high manufacturing expenses while improving the quality of your product.

Steel descaled by a Pangborn Rotoblast system can lengthen tool and die life, improve burning, welding and machining operations, and provide the proper surface finish for the application of modern exotic coatings.

Pangborn descaling systems are available for a wide variety of steel products -- plate, sheets, strip, wire, bars, billets, slabs, rolled and fabricated structural shapes, and miscellaneous weldments, pipe, tubing and gas cylinders. Special systems, such as mill roll etching machines, are also available.

Vertical Descaling Systems

Models ES-1860, ES-1834/38, and ES-1844/48

Pangborn Vertical Descaling Systems are designed with monorail, crane or roller conveyor work handling options. These systems are installed at the floor line which makes installation and maintenance easier as a pit is not required. Manganese steel cabinets provide further maintenance savings.

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