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Cleaning deep cavities in a cast iron or light metal casting quickly and cost effectively has always presented a challenge to companies in the automotive and off-highway vehicle industries. The size and weight of engine block and head components, as well as the presence of blind passages and internal cavities make cleaning much more complicated.

Years ago, Pangborn recognized limitations in existing cleaning system that prevented customers from operating efficiently, without substantial time loss resulting from frequent tooling changes.

As a result, Pangborn developed gripper machines that offer high volume production and minimal or no-tooling changes while processing a large volume of different size and configuration engine blocks, crankcases, gear housings, heads and other vehicle parts. Engine blocks in varying sizes – from 4 cylinders to V10 diesels – have been successfully cleaned using Pangborn’s gripper machine techniques.

With the flexibility and efficiency that these products offer, Pangborn’s gripper machines are now the preferred choice around the world.

Gripper machines from Pangborn are tailored to each customer’s unique requirements and specifications. Contact us today to learn more.

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