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Pangborn Group offers the industry's finest crane hook machines from Pangborn Euope and Vogel & Schemmann. Find more detailed information about the offerings from each brand below.

Crane Hooks

Vogel & Schemmann
VS Crane Hook
Processing of large and heavy steel structures or castings

Shot blasting chambers of machines for large castings can be equipped with monorail crane systems with lifting gear for loads up to 50,000 kg., or crane systems with lifting gear for almost unlimited loads. Loading and unloading areas can be easily adapted to local conditions.

Vogel & Schemmann Crane Hook Machines are ideal for:
  • Safe and economical processing of large and heavy castings.
  • Sand removal and casting cleaning by blast wheels and following air operated nozzle cleaning manually done by an operator.
For more information on the highly configurable Vogel & Schemmann Crane Hook Machine, contact our sales department.

Crane Hooks

Pangborn Europe solutions for shot blasting of large castings/parts are several and mainly a technical solution to specific Customer's needs.

Crane Hook Machines are equipped with a high number of wheels suitably arranged according to blasting requirements.

Blasting programs foresee stopping of the workpiece at some fixed positions to improve blasting efficiency as well as rotating hooks allow a better coverage of the workpieces under blast streams.

Pangborn Europe's Crane Hook Machines can be equipped with different devices, such as overhead monorail conveyor (straight or Y shaped), overhead bridge crane, gantry crane, hoists, lifting gears with fixed or rotating hooks. Double doors are also available.

Our technical soluions encounter no limits to load capacity requirements.

The Crane Hook Machine integrated with on-site handling systems is the appropriate solution to load/unload pieces in manufacturing areas quite far from the blasting area.

Due to peculiarities of some large workpiece also manual finishing stations (airblast type) can be integrated in the Blasting Machine. Platforms inside the Blast Compartment facilitate the blasting manual operations.

Contact Pangborn Europe and your blasting issues will find an appropriate solution.

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