Continuous Barrel Machines


Barrel Machines for Superior Blast Cleaning

Model GO

Where you have a large and continuous flow of work to be cleaned, a Pangborn GO continuous barrel is the ultimate machine for efficient blast cleaning. Your work is cleaned continuously and automatically without added labor.

All GO barrels have a spiral discharge, and either a spiral or chute infeed. Inlet drum sizes range from 4' to 6' while outlet drums can be as large as 10'.

When you need to quickly clean heavy castings, the GO barrel can help you attain your desired production levels.

Model GR

The GR barrel is the innovative Pangborn Variflo machine. It merges a gentle rocker rotation with variable angle rocker drum systems. The dual motion effectively cleans your product. The Variflo design combines continuous product flow while providing all the advantages of a tumbling batch barrel.

GR barrels are supplied with 2, 3, 4 or 5 wheels and can handle up to 30 tons of cleaning per hour of ferrous and non-ferrous castings. Either 3’ or 4’ drum diameters are available, depending on the work requirements.

Pangborn Continuous Barrel Machine Spec Sheet

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