Bogie Work Cars

vogel & Schemmann

Bogie Work Cars from V+S are ideal for the economic sane removal and cleaning of large and heavy castings, such as castings for wind turbines. The use of the transport bogie with rotary table allows castings to be loaded and unloaded outside of the blast chamber by crane, and moved safely into and out of the machine.

Once loaded, the casting is first shot blasted by blast wheels, and if necessary, additional air blasting is performed manually by an operator within the blast chamber. This allows areas of the casting to be cleaned that could not be hit by the blast wheel and shot blasting process.

Vogel & Schemmann Bogie Work Car Machines are ideal for:
  • Safety and economic processing of large and heavy castings
  • Sand removal and casting cleaning by blast wheels and following air operated nozzle cleaning to be done manually by operator.
For more information on the highly configurable V+S Bogie Work Car Machine, contact our sales department.
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