Barrel Machines
Steel & Rubber Belt Conveyors

Batch Processing of Metal Parts

Through the use of our Steel & Rubber Belt Conveyor Blast Machines (Type MF), a high volume of parts can be processed in a small working area. Our barrel blast machines are designed to process a variety of parts that can be tumbled, and the endless rubber conveyor belt and lateral round place creates a trough in which parts are treated.

Our barrel blast machines are equipped with either a specially-designed gravity air wash system, or a permanent magnetic separator combined with a gravity air wash system. Through this system, we are able to ensure that there will be less than 0.2% sand in the cleaned shot material, and less than 0.2% shot material in the mould / core sand. Charging and discharging may be done by corresponding hydraulically-operated devices, as well as by vibrating conveyor chutes.

Rubber Belt Conveyor Applications:
  • Metal parts which are able to be tumbled
  • Small up to medium parts in batch capacities
  • Shot peening of small springs in batch capacities
For more information about V+S Steel & Rubber Belt Conveyor Machines, or any of our other equipment, we invite you to contact us.

Barrel Blast Machine Overview Video:

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