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For the quick, efficient and thorough processing of castings, fabrications and heat-treated parts, there are few machines that can match the batch-processing power of the Pangborn Europe Barrel Blast Machine. The tumbling action provided by the rubber or metal conveyor ensures that all surfaces of the component are cleaned in one loading.

Depending on the size of the part to be processed, small, medium or a large barrel machine may be warranted. Most often, the larger machines are used for high output cleaning on medium sized castings, forgings or fabricated parts.

Highly configurable, these machines can be specified with a rubber or metal conveyor, vibratory conveyor, magnetic separator, hydraulic loader, unloading conveyor and dust collector.

Pangborn Europe Barrel Machines are ideal for:
  • Lower value parts where part on part impingement is not an issue
  • When throughput requires dictate batch processing
  • Small to medium sized castings, fabrications and heat-treated parts
  • Sand removal or part cleaning
For more information on the highly configurable Pangborn Europe Barrel Machine, contact our sales department.

Barrel Blast Machine Data Sheet - Large
Barrel Blast Machine Data Sheet - Small
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