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Pangborn Group offers the industry's finest barrel blast machines from Berger, Pangborn, Pangborn Europe and Vogel & Schemmann.  Find more detailed information about the offerings from each brand below.

Barrel Machines
Steel & Rubber Belt Conveyors

Berger Strahltechnik
As the first user of the patented barrel transport system, Berger Strahltechnik has vast experience in developing barrel machines and solutions for the batch cleaning, descaling and processing of multiple parts. We have a variety of solutions available, and work with our customers to find the most effective blasting and surface preparation solutions.

Berger Strahltechnik Barrel Machines are ideal for:
  • Barrels without covers
  • Covers only
  • Closed barrels
For more information on Berger Strahltechnik Barrel Blast Machines, contact our sales department.

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Barrel Machines
Steel & Rubber Belt Conveyors


The Pangborn Rotoblast® GN Barrel is a barrel machine designed and built as fully integrated blast cleaning system. It provides a cost-effective solution for batch cleaning, deburring, descaling, decoring, deflashing and peening a wide variety of products including:
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous castings
  • Heat treated forgings
  • Small Automotive Parts
  • Die castings...and much more
Superior design, quality and rugged construction make our barrel machines more reliable and easier to maintain than other machines. We offer a variety of different machines, designed for your specific needs.

We can supply barrel machine from a small as 1.25 cu.ft. to as large as 72 cu.ft.

Barrel Blast Machines - Models 3GN and 6GN

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Barrel Machines
Steel & Rubber Belt Conveyors

Pangborn Europe

For the quick, efficient and thorough processing of castings, fabrications and heat-treated parts, there are few machines that can match the batch-processing power of the Pangborn Europe Barrel Blast Machine. The tumbling action provided by the rubber or metal conveyor ensures that all surfaces of the component are cleaned in one loading.

Depending on the size of the part to be processed, small, medium or a large barrel machine may be warranted. Most often, the larger machines are used for high output cleaning on medium sized castings, forgings or fabricated parts.

Highly configurable, these machines can be specified with a rubber or metal conveyor, vibratory conveyor, magnetic separator, hydraulic loader, unloading conveyor and dust collector.

Pangborn Europe Barrel Machines are ideal for:
  • Lower value parts where part on part impingement is not an issue
  • When throughput requires dictate batch processing
  • Small to medium sized castings, fabrications and heat-treated parts
  • Sand removal or part cleaning
For more information on the highly configurable Pangborn Europe Barrel Machine, contact our sales department.

Barrel Blast Machine Data Sheet - Large
Barrel Blast Machine Data Sheet - Small

Barrel Machines
Steel & Rubber Belt Conveyors

Batch Processing of Metal Parts

Through the use of our Steel & Rubber Belt Conveyor Blast Machines (Type MF), a high volume of parts can be processed in a small working area. Our barrel blast machines are designed to process a variety of parts that can be tumbled, and the endless rubber conveyor belt and lateral round place creates a trough in which parts are treated.

Our barrel blast machines are equipped with either a specially-designed gravity air wash system, or a permanent magnetic separator combined with a gravity air wash system. Through this system, we are able to ensure that there will be less than 0.2% sand in the cleaned shot material, and less than 0.2% shot material in the mould / core sand. Charging and discharging may be done by corresponding hydraulically-operated devices, as well as by vibrating conveyor chutes.

Rubber Belt Conveyor Applications:
  • Metal parts which are able to be tumbled
  • Small up to medium parts in batch capacities
  • Shot peening of small springs in batch capacities
For more information about V+S Steel & Rubber Belt Conveyor Machines, or any of our other equipment, we invite you to contact us.

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