Wire blasting equipment

V+S shot blast machines are highly efficient machines designed for the descaling of wire. Their universal design allows for a variety of demands, and due to their small footprint they can be installed into various combined drawing machine lines without problems.

Wire from 2 to 80 mm in diameter can be descaled in longitudinal blasting principle. In addition, special design features assure that energy and shot material are used economically.

Technical data:
  • Wire descaling machines are designed for high capacity with low operating costs.
  • Machines are available with 2, 3, 4 or 6 impeller wheels
  • Drawing speed up to 240m/min
  • Diameter envelope circle 2 – 80 mm for wire
  • Installation in-line with combined drawing machine or as autonomous descaling machine
  • Up-to-date shot blasting technology, high descaling capacity
  • Maximum utilization of shot blasting energy by use of adjustable abrasive guidance plates
  • Automatic adjustment of abrasive quantity to the corresponding production conditions
  • Housing made of wear resistant material.
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