Water/Oil Jackets

Pangborn Europe's Water/Oil Jacket Machine is a specialty, fully-automatic airblast machine designed to clean internal cavities, such as water and oil jackets, in grey or aluminium engine blocks and heads. The machine offers customized solutions to perform accurate cleaning of different workpiece configurations by employing a number of mobile or fixed nozzles determined on the basis of shape and peculiarities of piece/passages to be treated. Special design nozzles developed to optimize cleaning process.

In line or carrousel machine versions offer a wide range of technical solutions that are tailored to meet each customer’s requirements and needs. Capacity is up to 300 pcs/h for standard versions

The Water/Oil Jacket Machine is equipped with a special system designed to rotate pieces on one or two axes so to evacuate residual shots after discharging.

Advanced solutions for workpiece handling also available.

The Water/Oil Jacket Machine is often combined with a Gripper Blast Machine for external surface finishing.


  • Fully manganese steel blast cabinet
  • Vibrating screen to evacuate flashes
  • Work piece spacing device
  • Abrasive removal system, 1 or 2 axis
  • Automatic abrasive nozzle flow control
  • Automatic nozzle pressure control
  • Robots for pieces loading / unloading / abrasive removal
Water / Oil Jacket Machine Data Sheet - Type WJ

Water Jacket Machine overview video

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