Water/Oil Jackets

Vogel & Schemmann

Special air-operated nozzle shot blast machine

  • After-blasting of oil and water channels with compressed air nozzles.
  • The engine blocks are shot-blasted on the outside by a Gripper-type plant and reach the nozzle blasting machine via roller conveyors.
  • In the nozzle blasting machine there are 3 blasting stations. The blocks are centred and the nozzles are turned on both pneumatically.
  • 14 nozzles each 9 mm Ø for the oil channels and 15 nozzles each 6 mm Ø for the water channels.
  • For the blasting process, 5 pressure tanks with 40 litres content and with 6 outlets each are installed.
  • Each pressure tank has a level measuring controlling the quantity taken out with each blasting process. The outlying hoses are equipped with a break safety device. The shot material recycling and supply is carried out by the Gripper-type plant.
  • Compressed air required: 40 m³ / min.
  • Shot blasting capacity: max. 60 pieces / h
  • In order to level out the compressed air peaks (blasting time each channel 8 s), a compressed air tank with 21 m³ content is installed.
  • A robot empties the engine blocks after shot blasting.
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