An efficient means to ensure the correct roughness

On a mill roll line, producing flat products as strips, etc, it's important to ensure the correct roughness on the external surfaces of the mill cylinders, which is transferred afterwards to the flat products. This process is a perfect application for the 310MR Etching Roll Machine produced by Pangborn Europe and is already installed in many roll mills worldwide.

By handling and using different sizes of abrasive grit in the same machine, and even using them on the same product to process, the 310MR Etching Roll Machine can give a repetitive and reliable range of surface roughness to the mill cylinders, as required by all end user industries, from automotive to all other needs.

The blasting process is fully controlled by frequency converters, which handle a wide range of abrasive speed and cylinder configuration under the blast stream, to match any specific and stringent need every time.

Type 310MR Roll Etching Roll Machine spec sheet

Etching Roll Machine overview video

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