Anodes Cleaners

The Anodes / Carbon Butts Cleaner is specifically designed for the reconditioning blasting of spent anodes in the primary aluminium production process to remove cryolite, fluorite and aluminium.

The Pangborn Europe Anodes Cleaner is manufactured in several models to accept 3 to 6 pins, single or double, anodes. Workpieces are conveyed under blast streams in line or rotating and suspended on a power & free conveyor.

The machine can be equipped with up to 6 wheels – 22 kW, arranged on one or both sides of the blasting cabinet on the basis of a customer’s requirements and to match the heaviest finishing parameters required by this kind of process.

Depending on the customer's requirements, several blasting solutions are available including treatment of baked anodes, steel stubs, cast thimbles and cathode bars.


  • Magnetic separator
  • Automatic sliding doors
  • Blowing nozzles station
  • Double elevator
  • Safety gates for blast wheels
  • Specific ventilation hoods
Carbon Butts Cleaner - Type CB spec sheet
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