Shot Removal Systems

Capture and Recirculate Abrasive for Lower Costs

After blasting, some parts may retain some residual abrasive in internal cavities, which is difficult to be evacuated. This is a typical situation when blasting engine blocks or heads, where the shots contained inside the water jackets and oil channels remain inside the castings after the process.

This represents an economical loss for our customers, because of unexpected abrasive consumption. As a result, Pangborn Europe has developed automatic shot removal systems, pictured above, to automatically evacuate all residual shots from the castings after blasting, with related conveying systems for the total recuperation of the shot back in the blast machine.

Depending on the need, we may propose fully automatic shot removal systems with one rotational axis, with two rotational axis for difficult parts as engine heads, and star type for high outputs, till 360 pcs/h

Shot Removal Systems are commonly used for:

  • Engine blocks or heads
  • Water and oil jackets
  • Castings with deep cavities or pockets
Pangborn Europe is eager to assist you in finding unique ways of lowering your finished part costs while making your facility more efficient. We look forward to talking with you.
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