Robot Handling Equipment

Programmable and Precise Wheel Blasting

Pangborn Group uses state-of-the-art programmable robotic part manipulators to ensure that every surface of the part gets exposed to the blast stream for the correct duration. Customers who typically employ these types of systems are usually focused on ensuring complete control over the part within the blast stream. Parts handled in this manner are also usually high value items or are subject to tight tolerances.

Pangborn Group can build systems which incorporate this type of technology to insure that the customer gets dependable and repeatable results, part after part.

Robotic Handling Systems are used for:
  • Parts requiring strict tolerances
  • Complex parts with multiple deep pockets
  • Automotive or aerospace components
  • Environments requiring high production rates
  • Fully automatic cells in production lines
Pangborn Group is known globally for its commitment to technological advancements in wheel and air blasting. When coupled with a state-of-the-art part manipulation system, the result is a highly efficient operation that can deliver accurate and repeatable results, part after part. Contact Pangborn Group for more information.
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