Load Parts Safely and Efficiently

The loading and unloading of heavy parts can be both tedious and dangerous. Many of these parts are large and heavy. In addition, it is often a time consuming process that can be handled more efficiently using a more automatic method.

Pangborn Europe has several solutions for the loading and unloading of parts to assist the customer with their blasting process. Conveyor systems and hydraulic batch loaders are just a couple of examples of how Pangborn Europe assists customers with the loading and unloading of blast parts. Additionally, these systems are easily fitted to existing blast equipment, regardless of the manufacturer.

Examples of Pangborn Europe's part handling systems Include:
  • HGN hydraulic soft loaders and unloaders, single cylinder, patented (load capacity up to 4t)
  • Conveyor belts (pre and post blast)
  • Work cars
  • Weighting cells
Pangborn Europe has fitted hundreds of blast machines globally with part loading and unloading systems; even for blast equipment not manufactured by Pangborn Europe. To conform to safety rules, existing equipment can be upgraded with HGN Loaders.

Contact Pangborn Group and discover for yourself how easy it is it make your blast operation work more smoothly.

Hydraulic Loader - Type HGN - Data Sheet

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