Dust Collection

The Importance of a Clean System

Pangborn Group has several dust collection systems that can be adapted to any manufacturer's blast equipment and will effectively and efficiently evacuate dust and debris resulting from the blasting process. These easily maintained, all inclusive systems require little maintenance and typically only require routine cartridge changes. Additionally, we offer dust cartridges to keep customers dust collectors working at peak efficiency.

The condition of the dust collector is critical to proper performance of the separator.

Dust Collectors features & benefits:

  • Effectively and efficiently removes dust from the blast operation and the facility
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Several sizes and configurations available
  • Safer for the environment and plant workers
  • Works with any blast equipment regardless of the manufacturer
Blasting operations vary as do facility requirements. To find the proper dust collection system for your blasting operation, we encourage you to contact one of our specialists.

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