Customer Technology Center

At Pangborn Group’s Customer Technology Center (CTC), customers and our experienced engineers work together to utilize an array of multi-purpose blast machines to test wheel types, sizes, positioning, operating mix and a number of other variables.

Our engineers can demonstrate a full line of processes, from small airblast operations to large multiple centrifugal wheels. At the CTC, we are able to demonstrate a number of capabilities, from peening and cleaning to deburring and descaling.

Our Customer Technology Center can simulate over 95% of all processes available in the surface preparation industry, and is an invaluable tool that is available to our customers prior to purchase, and throughout the life of their equipment.

CTC Equipment:

  • Large, small and multi-purpose rooms
  • BE Abrasive Separators
  • Down Flo® Dust Collector
  • EN Airblast Cabinet
  • 6GN-1R36 Rotoblast Barrel


  • Horsepower between 10 and 150.
  • Abrasive shot velocity up to 370 FPS.
  • Various centrifugal wheel applications.
  • Full line of wheel sizes ranging from 13" to 26.5" diameter.
  • Pangborn's unique vanes: straight, narrow, curved and canted.
The CTC offers a variety of flexible and versatile equipment with moveable wheels and outstanding technical assistance, making this one of the best facilities in the industry.

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