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The Pangborn® Corporation was founded in 1904 when Thomas W. Pangborn developed the process known as sandblasting, which combines compressed air and sand to clean metal by particle impact.
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Today's Business

Today, Pangborn designs, manufactures and markets its products: wheel blast cleaning and shot peening equipment, integrated surface preparation systems, replacement and aftermarket parts, and service programs throughout the world to industries that prepare the surfaces of metal and other products.

Pangborn’s products are primarily found in manufacturing environments such as foundries, primary metals manufacturers, automotive related manufacturers, aerospace manufacturers, machinery manufacturers and general metalworking.

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Today's Products

At Pangborn, we provide new equipment sales, comprised of multiple machine configurations matched to a customer’s specific needs. We can supply a variety of machines, including those that do batch work such as barrel blast machines, tables and spinner hanger hook machines. Also, we offer pass through machines that utilize a variety of conveying devices to maximize production efficiencies, such as wire mesh belt machines, roller conveyors, monorail machines, bogie work cars and more.

To identify the right solution for a customer’s environment, we first begin with a detailed review with an industry expert who will help assist in selecting the right machine configuration, including auxiliary equipment such as dust collectors and robot handling equipment.

Our blast equipment utilizes either compressed air of a motorized wheel to propel steel shot or grit for deburring, descaling, peening, or sand removal to prepare metal products for further processing. In addition to our history providing air blast solutions, our focus on wheel blast equipment allows us to provide customers with blast machines and solutions that yield much higher productivity levels. At Pangborn, we can also act as an integrator for our customer, helping to plan manufacturing processes before and after the blast machine. We also supply a full line of auxiliary equipment, such as dust collectors, that compliment the operation of blast machines.

Replacement Parts

Pangborn parts are designed to resist wear, but are self-consuming through exposure to the same harsh abrasives that are directed on the work piece surface being cleaned. Replacement parts are supplied to exacting OEM specifications and help customers achieve performance on older machines similar to brand new equipment.

Rebuilds and Retrofits

A quality Pangborn rebuild on Pangborn machines offer a cost-effective alternative to new equipment purchases, allowing our customers to maximize the life of their current installation while maintaining optimum productivity. At Pangborn, we can also retrofit other manufacturer’s machines, allowing customers to achieve the same productivity and cost savings available with a Pangborn machine.


At Pangborn, we offer preventive maintenance, installation and inspection services of wheel blast and air blast equipment. Our service engineers, coupled with authorized representatives, provide many of the services our customers require.
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