Pangborn Europe Foundry

Pangborn Europe’s facilities also include a special and high alloys foundry to manufacture all components and wear part castings for our own blasting and peening installations as well as part in special alloys for other manufacturers demanding wear resistant products.

This makes it possible to assure the availability of parts to customers perfectly matching the equipment running standards, the highest quality standards and an on-time support to maintenance service.

R&D devoted to the study of new alloys and a continuous improvement of manufacturing process and related heat treatment process represent our commitment to securing a state-of-the-art technology to customers.

Never settle for less than genuine Pangborn Europe parts. They represent superior value and proven performance. With unrivaled industry testing procedures and the highest quality raw materials, you are assured of maximum wear from every Pangborn Europe part, large or small.

Our products include:
  • Industry's most advanced & broadest range of blast wheels
  • Cast wear resist alloy plating systems
  • Wear resistant replacement feed parts and feed parts kits
  • Cast manganese replacement slats
At Pangborn Europe, we understand that now more than ever, everyone is trying to get more life out of their existing equipment.  We have a team dedicated to repair parts, service and rebuilds to ensure we can deliver the solution you require.

For additional information or help and assistance with your blast machine parts, please contact us.
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