Preservation line for shipbuilding industry

Preservation lines are the ideal complete conveying systems for the treatment of various parts, such as plates and sections. Within the preservation line the parts to be treated are prepared, cleaned, shot blasted, painted and dried. The several line components are connected with each other - this assures a continuous and automatic sequence of operations during the transport of the parts through the line. 

The components of a preservation line are individually customized according to the requirements of the cus-tomer as well as according to the conditions at site.

The preservation line described in the following – which is special designed for the demands of a shipyard in Russia – is used for descaling and primer of steel plates with a thickness up to 250 mm and a width up to 4500 mm. The throughput speed of these steel plates is – according to the degree of scale – 2,5–3 m/min. with a surface quality of SA 2,5 after shot blasting process. By this new developed preservation line we are successful in achieving at same time a significant higher capacity of parts to be treated as well as energy savings.

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